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Idol Energy: Guide to Choosing the Right Diesel Supplier

Diesel is one of the key types of energy on the market. As you might guess, it is used to fuel diesel engines, but it is not limited to them. Diesel fuel is one of the main resources for generating thermal energy. Due to its high energy density, diesel is optimally suited for heavy vehicles such as airplanes, special equipment, trains, and ships. But it is very important to choose a product of the right quality and purchase it on favorable terms. Your diesel supplier must be reliable. How do you find quality diesel and its seller? Let's find out in this article. 

What is diesel fuel? 

In the language of terms, diesel is a fraction of raw materials obtained from the refining of oil or other hydrocarbons. This fuel is characterized by a high energy density, which means that for every liter or gallon of fuel, maximum energy is provided. Therefore, diesel engines typically have higher thermal efficiency than gasoline engines, which allows them to consume less fuel per unit of power output. Diesel fuel tends to evaporate less than gasoline, which allows it to be stored longer. Its higher flash point makes it less prone to ignition in the event of a spill or leak. Diesel fuel is less prone to freezing than gasoline, making it more suitable for use in cold climates.

How is diesel fuel produced?

Diesel fuel is produced in special reactors where crude oil or other hydrocarbon feedstock is distilled and separated into light and heavy fractions. The manufacturing process begins with oil refining. It is then distilled, which involves heating and distilling the liquid to separate it into components with different boiling points. Diesel fuel is usually released at higher temperatures than gasoline, which allows it to be separated from other components of the oil. After that, it is purified and some additives are added to improve the quality and efficiency of the fuel. The result is high-quality diesel that is ready for use.

Overview of diesel fuel brands

The characteristics of diesel vary, and accordingly, they are divided into brands. This should be taken into account when making purchases. Let's take a brief look at the main diesel brands, their purpose and features. 

Diesel No. 1 (1D)

This diesel is called "winter" and is classified as a premium diesel. It has a low crystallization point and is therefore suitable for use in extreme temperatures and severe frosts. Its composition does not contain paraffin, which allows it to maintain a liquid structure even at very low temperatures. However, due to changes in the chemical structure, the energy potential of Diesel No. 1 is lower than that of 2D. 

Diesel No. 2 (2D)

This diesel grade is suitable for most engines and is therefore considered standard. The 2D grade is characterized by increased energy potential, a wide temperature range and excellent combustion efficiency. It is the most popular and is sold at almost all gas stations.  In fact, all diesel wholesalers have it in their assortment.

Diesel No. 4 (4D)

If 1d is light, then 4d is the heavy fraction of raw materials obtained after distillation. Such diesel is used to maintain a constant speed and load of engines in industry and certain types of transportation, such as trains. 

Main types of diesel fuel

Types of diesel are different forms of fuel used to power diesel engines. They differ in their source, composition, quality and environmental impact. Each type has its own unique characteristics and applications, which should be taken into account when using them.

Petroleum diesel fuel

The most common type of diesel fuel produced from petroleum by distillation and fractionation. It is used in most diesel engines in vehicles and industrial plants. The advantages include availability - this is the type of fuel that most suppliers offer. 

Synthetic diesel fuel

It is produced by chemical processing of hydrocarbons such as natural gas or hydrocarbons from carbon dioxide. Synthetic diesel fuel is produced using various technologies. It is characterized by high quality and low sulfur content. It is mainly chosen for refueling vehicles and special equipment. 


The production process uses raw materials of biological origin, such as vegetable oils or their processing wastes. Biodiesel can be used in its pure form or blended with petroleum diesel fuel. It has a lower negative impact on the environment, so it is often part of the green policy of socially responsible companies. 

Renewable diesel fuel produced from hydrogenation 

This fuel is produced by hydrogenating biomass or organic waste, such as vegetable oils or fats. It is an environmentally friendly source of energy, as its production is based on the use of renewable resources.

Dimethyl ether

It is an alternative fuel that can be produced from natural gas or biomass. Dimethyl ether is a colorless, volatile liquid used in diesel engines or as an additive to diesel fuel to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

What should I look for when choosing a diesel fuel supplier?

Diesel suppliers offer different terms and conditions, and the difference between offers can be enormous. It will significantly affect the efficiency and financial results of your company. Therefore, be very careful when choosing a partner and conduct market research beforehand. Below are the main criteria to consider when choosing a fuel supplier. 

Competitive pricing

A reliable diesel fuel supplier offers competitive prices that are in line with current market levels. It is important not only to compare prices with other suppliers, but also to understand what the price includes: taxes, delivery, maintenance, and other additional costs. Flexible tariffs and discounts for bulk purchases and related services will help you save significant money. But it is also important to consider the quality of the diesel. If it is low, then even if the cost is reduced, you will be in the red, as the cost of fleet maintenance will increase. It is very important to choose high-quality diesel.

Good reputation

Reputation is one of the key factors when making a choice. Positive feedback and recommendations from other customers indicate the reliability and quality of services. Searching the Internet, reading reviews on specialized forums, or getting recommendations from business partners can help you find out the reputation of a provider. It's also important to check for quality certificates and compliance with security standards. 

Wide coverage

A supplier with a wide coverage network can provide customers with fast deliveries to any part of the world. The presence of bases or filling stations in different regions allows for a stable and timely supply of fuel. This is especially important for companies with distributed facilities or fleets that operate over long distances. Such a supplier can also provide an automated ordering and tracking system.

Good customer service

The service of a diesel fuel supplier plays an important role in meeting customer needs. Quick and efficient response to inquiries, professional advice and support help to maintain customer trust. The supplier should also have a transparent and clear system of invoices and payments to avoid misunderstandings and ensure transparency of mutual settlements. 

Compliance with federal regulations

Compliance with industry and regional standards is a requirement, not a wish. And before you start working with a new supplier, be sure to ask whether their products are certified, whether they have official licenses and quality assurance documents. This ensures that the products meet all environmental and safety requirements. Request information about the availability of all necessary licenses and certificates, and it is also advisable to conduct additional checks for compliance with all legal requirements. 

Why choose Idol Energy?

Idol Energy is a proven diesel supplier from Ghana that meets all of the above criteria. We offer competitive prices, provide high quality products and service, have a wide supply network and are fully compliant with federal regulations. Our clients are energy giants who value stability and quality above all. And our team is ready to provide these conditions. Working with Idol Energy, you choose reliability and efficiency of fuel supply!

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