Idol Energy's Location

Corporate headquarters of Idol Energy, the premier petroleum supplier in Ghana. Bulk purchases of fuels available directly from the source. Leading Ghanaian fuel supplier.

Idol Energy's Location

Idol Energy stands as the foremost provider of petroleum products across Ghana. Our commitment to innovation and adoption of cutting-edge technology underscores our leadership in the petroleum sector. Our objective is clear: to facilitate global energy access by refining raw materials into superior petroleum products and alternative energy solutions.

Our operational footprint spans the nation, with offices strategically positioned in key cities:

2 offices in Tema

1 office in Kumasi

1 office in Lagos

Our management team awaits new contractual opportunities. For further insights into our operations, refer to the "About Us" section.

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Brief Information on Storage

Our Contribution to Ghana's Oil Refining

We take pride in our pivotal role in meeting society's energy demands for mobility, production, and innovation. Our dedication to sustainable energy extends beyond clean fuel production to the exploration and advancement of alternative energy sources.Our global partnerships ensure the delivery of high-quality petroleum products at competitive prices. Trust in us for premium-grade products that meet your requirements.

Geographical Reach

Idol Energy is committed to spearheading energy innovation and sharing expertise to foster a sustainable future. Expect dependable supply, top-notch products, and meticulous attention to detail from us. Our reach extends beyond Ghana, catering to global demands. Leveraging over 20 years of market experience, our sophisticated supply chain facilitates seamless international operations.
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Contact Information

We welcome your proposals and look forward to fruitful collaborations!
For inquiries and consultations, reach out to our regional managers:
WhatsApp: +233597429438
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