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Discover more about LPG, our cooperation terms, service essence, and much more. Obtain top-notch raw materials at the most competitive prices exclusively from our company.

Terms of Cooperation

In search of premium liquefied gas? Look no further. Our company stands prepared to offer it under the best terms possible. We pride ourselves on providing mutually beneficial cooperation, valuing each and every client.

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Substandard products are a common headache for consumers and suppliers alike. However, our products defy this norm. We meticulously oversee the entire spectrum of our offerings, boasting storage arrangements with industry giants such as Vana, Tema Tank Farm, Platon Gasoil, and Tema Oil Refinery. Our LPG is meticulously crafted to meet diverse needs, backed by quality certificates and laboratory results that guarantee purity and stability. Transparency and quality assurance are our cornerstones.


Ever pondered the remarkable fuel efficiency of LPG-powered vehicles compared to their gasoline counterparts? Yet, its utility extends beyond automotive applications. LPG, supplied by our company, serves as an excellent energy source. Liquefied gas, essentially natural gas artificially liquefied through cooling to -160°C, facilitates storage and transportation. This colorless, odorless liquid, with a density half that of water, comprises 80-90% methane and includes propane as a major component. Propane, like methane, is colorless and odorless yet highly flammable and explosive.


Our pride lies in partnerships with industry leaders. Collaborating with us ensures engagement with a reliable partner committed to your needs. We extend invitations to all to join our ranks, promising exponential growth in performance under our industry leadership.

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Our strategic partnerships with premium transporters, such as JKAT, guarantee punctual delivery of every selected fuel batch. Customer satisfaction is paramount, with adherence to deadlines being our foremost priority.
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