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Petroleum gas: features and benefits of use for enterprises

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Petroleum gas - what is it?

Petroleum gas is an extended name for a category of hydrocarbon gases. It includes combustible mixtures that are used for domestic and commercial purposes: heating, cooking, making various gas equipment ready for cutting, welding and other types of work.The most common type of fuel is a mixture of propane and butane. The ratio of these two components can vary depending on weather conditions due to the physical properties of these gases:

- propane expands strongly at high temperatures, in its pure form it is dangerous to store in cylinders because of the increased pressure on the walls of the vessel and high explosion hazard;
- butane cannot be used at sub-zero temperatures due to its higher boiling point - the cylinder will simply not be pressurized.

Where, how and why is LPG used?

Gas, as an energy resource, plays a key role in various fields, providing efficiency, cleanliness and a variety of applications. 

- For domestic purposes - used as the main resource to provide heating of premises, connection of gas - equipment for cooking, water heating. These can be both small cylinders that are used locally, for example, to connect a stove, and permanently installed underground gas holders that supply one or more buildings.
- For commercial purposes - this can be the same heating and heating of large volumes of water. Additionally - providing energy resources for burners, welding machines, refrigeration equipment.
- As automobile fuel. For this purpose, a system operating on liquefied gas is integrated into the car design.

This resource covers a huge part of the needs of modern industries, especially if they are located in remote places from the gas pipeline and do not have the possibility of connection. Special tanks are used for transportation, and the gas is transported in a liquefied state.

Gas components

The main components of the liquefied gas mixture are propane and butane, both of which are hydrocarbons. The percentage of propane and butane depends on the time of year and climatic conditions. Typically, this ratio is fixed in the "national standards" of a particular region or country of use. In cold seasons at temperatures below +10℃ the propane volume should be at least 75 - 80% (because at low temperatures the high propane content in the mixture ensures reliable vaporization of gas and its uninterrupted supply).
In warm seasons, the propane content in the mixture should be no more than 40 %, because at high temperatures a mixture with low propane content is more efficient (otherwise, excessive pressure will be created in the pipelines and cylinder, which may negatively affect the tightness of all system components).

Gas and other types of fuel

Energy sources are divided into two types: traditional and alternative. The first includes minerals (gas, oil, coal), the second includes everything alternative to them (sun, water, wind).
Oil, gas and coal are the basis of all the basics. They are the reason our cars drive and our homes are warm. Let's look at the pros and cons compared to automobile fuel. 
Gasoline remains the most widespread and so far irreplaceable type of fuel for cars with internal combustion engines. It is steadily leading the market and has no plans to leave the global market.
Another type of automobile fuel, which is obtained from petroleum, is diesel fuel. It serves as a fuel for many types of machinery and is the second most popular after gasoline.
Gas is one of the most popular fuels for automobiles. When viewed through this prism, gas is much cheaper and more beneficial for everyday driving. Gas boasts good combustion heat dissipation, and a gas-powered engine is fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.
There's also biodiesel. Biodiesel is a complete replacement for the usual diesel fuel, which is suitable for a diesel engine. It is an environmentally friendly fuel that is able to decompose without residue. Biodiesel is a liquid fuel based on fatty acid esters. The fuel is derived from feed or animal fat. The base includes a methyl ester, which was formed through a chemical reaction.

Economic advantages of oil gas utilization for enterprises.

The use of petroleum gas in industries and businesses brings several economic benefits that can significantly impact operating costs and business performance. Oil gas combustion provides high thermal efficiency, which means that more energy from gas is converted into heat and electricity than some other fuels. The operation of oil gas-fired equipment can be more efficient, which reduces energy costs and therefore the operating costs of the business. Also, gas-fired equipment typically requires less maintenance and repair than similar equipment using other fuel types, which reduces operating costs.
Thus we can see that gas for businesses and enterprises is indispensable.

Businesses that have already benefited from the use of petroleum gas

Automaker Toyota has introduced the use of liquefied natural gas in its production facilities to provide heat and power. This has reduced operating costs and contributed to a strategy to reduce environmental impact.
ExxonMobil Energy Company is actively using petroleum gas to generate electricity and produce heat. This reduces dependence on coal and improves overall energy efficiency.
The Saint-Gobain glass plant has implemented oil gas combustion systems to melt raw materials. This reduced energy costs and increased productivity.
By taking advantage of the experience of successful businesses, you too can begin to reap the benefits of using oil gas. Just imagine how much savings this will entail! Our company is ready to take care of this issue, so we are waiting for your applications for the best LPG in Ghana! We deliver our products all over the world.


Oil gas (petroleum gasses) is a valuable energy resource that plays a key role in various industries. This gas, formed together with oil, provides companies with an efficient and clean fuel for various production and energy processes. It is widely used in almost all sectors of our lives, because without gas we cannot even imagine our existence!Our company supplies high quality liquefied gas all over the world!

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