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From raw material to product: the oil extraction process

Oil production in Ghana. The process of oil extraction from start to finish. Interesting facts about oil production.

From raw material to product: the oil extraction process

What's so interesting about oil extraction? There is a lot written about it, often, and everything has long been analyzed. However, everything is changing in this classic industry. Oil is one of the main sources of energy and raw materials for the production of various products that affect many aspects of our daily lives.
For over 2000 years, the process of pumping fluid out of a well by means of a pump, which is located below ground level and which is driven from the surface by a counterweighted rocker, has been known and used. Over the past 50 years, advances in the design of oil pumping and production facilities have been accompanied by the development of tools, equipment and machinery used for oil and gas extraction.

Quality raw materials - the key to a high grade product

The oil, also known as "black gold", is one of the most sought-after natural resources. It is used to produce a wide range of products, from gases, gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, to asphalt. It is the raw material for all these products that plays a key role.Choosing the right raw materials is a critical step in the petroleum product manufacturing process. Poor quality raw materials can lead to serious problems, including reduced quality of the final product, increased production costs and even safety hazards. Feedstock quality directly affects the composition and properties of the oil, which in turn determines the characteristics of the final products.
Poor quality feedstock may contain impurities, moisture, solids and other elements that can negatively affect refining processes and the quality of the final products. Lack of strict quality control at the stage of feedstock selection can lead to inefficient use of resources, increased waste and deterioration of the producer's reputation in the market.
Our company values its reputation, which is why we pay great attention to this issue. We know how important the quality of any product is, so we work only with high quality raw materials.

Raw material extraction - methods and techniques

The very first and foremost step in extracting oil and petroleum products is finding a suitable field. This stage involves the use of various techniques, such as seismic surveys, gravimetry, magnetometry and drilling, to identify potential fields. The results of exploration work are determined by geological and geophysical characteristics, including soil structure and composition. It is through a professional approach to this stage that we get the appropriate result!The second stage is drilling a deep hole in the ground. Then a steel pipe is placed in the borehole, which ensures the stability of the entire structure. In the next stage, several wells are constructed so as to ensure an increased flow of produced oil.This can also include such sub-stages as:- Reserves assessment (before you start drilling, you need to properly estimate how much material lies underground)- Well design (a responsible process that is very important to follow)- Preparing the well (selecting the right equipment, recruiting and training personnel)The third stage is the oil production itself. In this process, many natural mechanisms, such as gravity drainage, are used to extract oil. They also use methods whose technology consists of delivering external energy into the deposits by introducing liquids (e.g. water) or gases (e.g. air, carbon dioxide) to increase the pressure underground. The last stage of the extraction process is the so-called third row extraction, which is carried out using different technologies. For example, reducing the viscosity of oil by heating.Oil extraction is a labor-intensive process that involves many other steps. It is important to focus on the main objective and follow a clear plan.

Oil processing and transportation

Crude oil typically contains various impurities such as water, gas, salts, sulphur, solids and others. Refining processes are designed to remove these impurities in order to obtain high quality crude oil for further refining.
Produced oil is refined at refineries to produce fuels, oils, lubricants, asphalt and other products. Most often, crude oil is separated into fractions without chemically altering its components.

There are several stages of oil refining:
1) Precipitation of oil solids. Special chemical reagents or mechanical filters are used to precipitate and remove solids.
2) Drying. Special units remove moisture from the oil.
3) Distillation. This process involves the separation of oil components into fractions depending on their boiling point.
4) Desulfurization. This stage reduces the sulfur content of oil.
5) Hydrotreating. The process of removing impurities such as sulfur and nitrogen, as well as to improve the color and stability of the oil.
6) Gas chromatography. An analytical method for the determination and quantification of oil components.

The complex, multi-component oil treatment process is the key to the quality product that the end user receives.

How can the right products be obtained from treated oil?

The process of producing various petroleum products from treated crude oil includes distillation, cracking, refining and treatment steps. Distillation produces gasoline, fuel oil and kerosene, cracking converts heavy fractions, and additional purification ensures high quality products. Technical automatic control systems monitor and control the processes. The resulting petroleum products, such as gasoline and diesel, are used in transportation, industry and domestic applications.

The production of various petroleum products from treated crude oil is a complex and multilinear process involving several key stages. From the transportation of crude oil from the fields to the production of high quality petroleum products, each stage requires careful control and optimization.Our company is ready to provide you with a full range of services. We offer you only high quality products! We value our reputation, which is why our products meet all quality standards

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